Determined New York Attorneys Fight for Injured Accident Victims

Knowledgeable New York lawyers handle a wide range of personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims

If an accident left you with severe injuries, the liable party should be held accountable for their actions. At Jodré Brenecki, LLP, we represent clients throughout the New York City area in many types of personal injury and work injury cases, as well as other legal matters, and are committed to pursuing the best legal options to resolve your case. We understand that legal issues are stressful, and our tough approach is aimed at producing successful results as quickly as possible. Whether you were hit by a drunk driver, slipped at the grocery store, injured at a construction site or are looking to collect unpaid wages, we will assess the merits of your case and accurately determine the value of your claim.

Protecting clients’ interests and asserting their rights

Tackling a legal issue on your own is rarely a good idea. A knowledgeable attorney will know how to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome in your case. We understand the trust clients place in us and treat each case with care, which includes the following support:

  • Innovative thinking — Creative solutions are often the key to getting the outcome you want, and we know how and when to employ out-of-the-box thinking to support our clients’ cases.
  • Aggressive litigation — Our proactive and passionate approach to personal injury and workers’ compensation cases has led to efficient and positive resolutions for many of our clients.
  • Clients work one-on-one with attorney — We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand every aspect of their case and take the time to explain new developments and provide regular updates.

Choosing an attorney is no simple task. We offer reliable, aggressive, high-quality legal representation and will build the strongest possible case to support your claim.

Responsive counselors deliver capable and effective representation to residents of New York and New Jersey

Our attorneys provide strong and relentless representation to individuals dealing with the following types of matters:

  • Personal injury — Serious injuries can have longstanding consequences, and accident victims deserve fair compensation for the harm inflicted on them. We work to hold negligent parties accountable in a wide range of personal injury cases, including those related to pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall incidents, auto accidents, wrongful death actions and premises liability claims, and will not rest until your case is resolved.
  • Workers’ compensationIf you were injured on the job, such as struck by a falling object while working on a construction site, getting the benefits you need to recover is imperative. We understand the difficulties injured workers face and zealously fight for the workers’ compensation benefits they’re entitled to.
  • Labor and employment law for employeesYour relationship with your employer is highly regulated, and it’s important to stand up for your rights when violations occur. We represent employees in labor and employment law matters, including wage and overtime claims, discrimination claims and sexual harassment claims and will use all legal means to protect your interests.

If you are struggling with an injury or employment-related issue, getting sufficient relief might seem difficult. We are highly skilled at litigating these cases and adept at developing legal strategies that produce positive results.

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